The Best In Handbags

BY Anum Bashir

For the last two decades, I have found myself to bear a rather unhealthy obsession with handbags. They're just so great. I think they may even have clothes beat....... Ok, no wait, I take that back. Clothes are pretty great too, but a handbag can prove to get you way more mileage for each dollar spent. Bottom line is they carry our day to day items that we need to get around, so why not make your carrier of things cute. I'm rounding up some of my favorite bags this season, and I'll be adding to this post over the coming week. Be ware, this shit doesnt come cheap.

This vegan leather lavender beauty by Hungarian label Nanushka has that retro appeal that we've been liking lately. It is somewhat reminiscent of the coveted Ascott bag by The Row. I loved it for its color, shape, serpentine handle, and the fact that it can easily be styled with a number of looks in my wardrobe; from casual, to evening. 

Next up we have the Gate Bag by Loewe which was everywhere on the streets of Fashion Month. Some of our favorite influencers were rocking this practical carrier of things. Both size and shape are easy to wear, plus the blue color is quite special. 

I'll keep this one short and sweet by saying that anything by Celine has our blessing. This soft lambskin clutch in particular is so, so great. I scored this one in Paris when I was there last month. Couldn't resist. 

One of the most recognizable prints in fashion is back with a bigger bang than ever to mark the farewell of Christopher Bailey at its helm for nearly two decades!

The Burberry plaid is bringing all kinds of retro novelty back to its bags and ready to wear, with this humungous tote in particular being too eye-catching to avoid. Admittedly the size is OTT, but that I think that's half the fun. True or false: I'd tried to pack myself into it for my upcoming trip to NYC?

Back to Loewe with their woven bucket bag, which is sold out pretty much everywhere and rightfully so. Its the perfect size to take your through the day, and also quite great for travel. The woven design is incredibly chic and timeless. If you didn't manage to score one this season, let's keep our fingers crossed the Jonathan will bring them back again next season. 

Lastly, we have a new creation by Edie Parker which we're deeming the perfect summer bag! Meet Wes - a woven leather tote that will be the perfect accessory to any ensemble, and can't wait to travel with you on your next vacation.

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