Celine Always Gets The Heart Racing

BY Anum Bashir

And that's something most people won't deny. September 2011, I had embarked upon what would be a lucrative five year career at Qatar Museums. From the moment I collected my very first paycheck, my local Celine store was beckoning. Finally being able to afford the brand I had loved for so long under Phoebe Philo, I bought my very first luggage bag in a dark navy, but was too afraid to even use it because of how cherished this hard earned creature was. Years later, not much has changed. Celine continues to be a brand whose understated, yet powerful minimalism gets the heart racing in a way that few other labels can. The genius is in the simple intricacies of the brand which I never tire of. Today, I'm a diehard fan of the clasp bag, and have worn it every single day since I got my hands on one last week.

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