Clothes Are Once Again Exciting Me

BY Anum Bashir

For a while, I had hit a sartorial slump - not wanting to dress up, lounging around in PJs all day; perhaps because I've also been going through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster by perennially wondering what the future holds, when I'll have kids, where I want to be a few years from now, so on and so forth. But then I came across brands and outfits online that once again kicked me into high-gear. It's funny the impact that clothes can have on our emotional state. My orders arrived, and I tore into those boxes just like my old self, only to find that the pieces in question were cuter in reality, fit me to a "T", and before I knew it, I was ready and willing to be photographed again! The rest, I believe will fall into place too.

On my recent trip to NYC, I met designer and founder Nikki Kule of Kule Stripes. Humble, mellow, cool and oh so sweet, I'm pretty certain at this point Nikki makes the best and most comfortable tees out there. Here I am at brunch rocking one of them with my Miu Miu fanny pack, and cut-out heart earrings by Tbilisi based brand, Silhouette

Next is also a New York based brand named Miaou, who may as well have designed the perfect outfit, comprising of nautical inspired high waited shorts complete with rope belt that fit like a dream, paired with a crop jacket/top situation. I was quite excited about the embroidered daisies too. Suffice to say, will be getting a lot of mileage on this look, for sure.

kaftan and robe season is upon us here in Dubai. In fact if you're a dweller of the Northern Hemisphere, you'll probably be digging into your wardrobes for yours, or perhaps be shopping for new ones. One brand that'll never disappoint on the kaftan front is Figue!

Their boho-ethnic luxe pieces are well made, comfortable, and look great. They'll pack well into a carry-on or over night bag for a quick weekend get away, and can be styled in a multitude of ways.

I love this blue one in particular because a.) I don't own a blue kaftan, so why not, and b.) the fabric is perfect for our scorching summers. 

Edie Parker's Wes Bag just sits on my couch next to my bed because I never intend on not wearing it throughout the coming summer months. Period.

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