Forever A Blazer Girl

BY Anum Bashir

My wardrobe is home to about 28 cool, colored, and patterned blazers that I've amassed over the years; each one of them full of character in their own distinct way. There's something about a blazer that makes a gal (or guy) look so put together, but not in a contrived way. When they're tailored just right, they exude a type of relaxed effortlessness that few other articles of clothing can emulate. Plus they have the ability to take you from day to night without having to bat an eye. Perhaps it's because icons like Bianca Jagger and Lauren Hutton have left such a sizable impression on the style part of my brain, but whenever presented with the opportunity to shop (be it online or in store), I always somehow gravitate towards blazers first. This one's from Milan based brand Blazé, which I bought last year when visiting Berlin. Haven't had the chance to wear it until now, thanks to the temperature dips in Dubai.

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