Here's What I've Been Wearing Lately (Ch. 2)

BY Anum Bashir

It's been a long couple of weeks, and this one only just started. Between launching DM FM (which I'm so stoked about), working on my Resort 2019 collection with NDUO (also wonderful), and trying to master the art of metaphorically juggling about a dozen plates on my head, I still find it fun to dress up in the morning only because the rest of the day will surely be spent battling impending stressors. To be honest, I'm once again finding myself trapped in yet another emotional lull - and not having the time to figure out why is only further aggravating the situation. I know I'll make sense of it at some point, and I love that in my social space, I've made friends whom I don't even know. Regardless, I'm not quite up for writing so I'll just share a visual diary of what I've been wearing - from dressing like a human napkin, to loving polka dotted bucket hats... there's a lot going on here.

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