I View Fashion As An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

BY Anum Bashir

It's true! And perhaps that's a big reason why I feel like I have yet to find my own personal style. When I browse through Instagram, or Vogue Runway, and feast my eyes on what the vast number of designers like Rosie Assoulin, Isa Arfen, Jacquemus, Prada, and Dries Van Noten (to name a few) are offering up as part of their "specials" for the upcoming season, how can you not want to try all that good stuff at least once? I find resistance hard, and a solid commitment to handful of items too great a challenge. Your clothes are one great way to put on full display all the little personas and experiences you take on throughout your life. While some might label it a hotchpotch, all I know, for the time-being, is that life's too short to pigeon-hole yourself into sartorial monotony.

LEFT: I love a striped tee. It can be a great basic, but also elevated. It adds a type of personality that a white tee just can't, but can also serve as a robust foundation for any outfit. With stripes, if you're lazy, there's less accessorizing involved, although I was not going let this Prada turtleneck hold me back. I paired it with a cream denim mini, with an Acne Studios jacket around my waist because Lord knows the air conditioning in this part of the world can freeze you to the bone. I finished the look with an arguably over the top Gucci tote done in collaboration with Elton John! So you know it's making a statement.

RIGHT: Here's a look I would probably wear if I were ever lucky enough to attend a Wimbledon game (preferably the finals). I'm wearing a white dress by Rhode Resort; in keeping with the Wimbledon dress-code theme, and it also proves to be a wise choice being cotton and summer friendly. Rhode Resort really do make some of my favorite dresses. I styled it with a stripe tee by Kule over my shoulders just to prep it up a bit.

I scored this Mango dress at a crazy sale they were having at their store across the street from where I live. The red and white stripes instantly caught my eye. To be honest, I didn't realize I was a stripes person until quite recently. Having purchased a really cool pair of striped Dries Van Noten pants, and then later being introduced to brands like Kule have me committed and converted for the foreseeable future. This Mango dress was no exception.

In this look, I once again throw a little something over the shoulders to add a nice finishing touch. A striped nautical inspired JW Anderson sweater (although yeah, call me crazy because of how fucking hot it is over here) acts as another nice visual add-on to the already striped dress. 

If you're willing to give stripes a try, then you should absolutely consider gingham/ check print. This one with exaggerated shoulders is from Tibi. Paired with a Balenciaga bag (that my husband insists should be used to deliver cakes in) I'm trying to channel a more laid-back urban vibe... or at least my version of urban. The point I'm trying to drive home with sharing all these looks with you guys is that any garment can serve as a foundation for our look. If everything can be considered a basic, do basics really exist then? What's the difference between basic and/ or statement? Is it simply the way we present it in the grand scheme of an outfit? I think so!

In thinking out loud here with you guys, I realize clothes are chameleons - they take on moods and vibes that we inject into them. A striped t-shirt like the aforementioned Prada  tee can make quite the statement on a Sunday night out with friends, or can also be a supporting character in an outfit you style for the work the very next day. 

Are you feeling me?

"Call her crazy!" was probably the thought crossing every single person's mind when I was out and about in Satwa (a slightly grungier part of town). These Rosie Assoulin pants were probably the brightest and loudest things in plain sight, but I digging it. 

See here a stripe shirt is actually a subtle sideshow to this look, but it works.  

I curious to poll how many of you would be down for pants like these?

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