Jewelry You Should Consider Owning Right Now

BY Anum Bashir

It's that time of month again when I can't stop perusing Instagram (or the internet for that matter) for dazzling new fine jewelry brands. I've rounded up some really cool ones who (in their own words) are letting you know what you should consider investing in and why. Disclaimer: If you're dangerously attracted to bright shiny objects... then you're in the right place!

Pamela Love:

"Jewelry designer Pamela Love is known for her unique pieces inspired by urban mysticism and the occult. Love launched her company in 2007 when she was 25, inspired by her life-long passion for jewelry making. In 2009 she grew her business by moving into a studio in Manhattan's Garment District, and began production on a larger scale. All of her jewelry production is done in-house, and she uses sustainable methods whenever possible."

In her own words: If someone was looking to start off their Pamela Love collection, I would recommend the following. I personally wear mine all the time, and they're great everyday pieces.

Opal Essential Ring - This is my favorite piece! I never take it off. The opal is mesmerizing and makes me happy when I look down at my hand. The sculptural shape is so comfortable you never need to take it off.

Beaumont Earrings - These are such a versatile piece that we've created; they are good for everyday, but can also be very dressy and elegant for the evening. They are classic and edgy at the same time.

Half Moon Pendant - This is such a special personal piece. You can custom order it in any metal or any stone you want, so it really reflects your personality. This is another creation of our that I wear at all times. I feel like it brings me luck!

Marlo Laz:

Marlo Laz is a fine jewelry brand founded by creative director and designer Jesse Marlo Lazowski in 2014. The Marlo Laz Collection was created for the bon-vivants and aesthetes of the world who have an appreciation for the rare, unexpected and the exquisite. 

Marlo Laz takes its collectors beyond borders, offering precious treasures, modern keepsakes, and the luckiest of charms. Brought to life through vivid gemstone pairings, intricate engravings, and excellent craftsmanship, our pieces are inspired by the world and made, with love, in Manhattan.

 La Trouvaille, 5 Coin Necklace:

Only because there is no such thing as too much luck!  With our La Trouvaille (French for lucky discovery/ unexpected find) necklace, we encourage our clients to create their own luck - by sprinkling diamonds, dangling pearls, and engraving special messages. This statement necklace is perfect for any occasion, and effortlessly transitions from beach to black tie. It’s the one piece of jewelry I never take off.

Squash Bead Bracelet:

Elegant, refined, and chic are our bespoke Marlo Laz beads which are timeless collectables that pair well with any other jewelry in your collection. Each bead is hand fused together and strung on gold. My advice, mix your metals and stack the rose, yellow, and white golds together – when it comes to ML, more is more.

Squash Blossom Earrings:

I rocked these enchanting turquoise, pink tourmaline, and orange sapphire squash blossom earrings all summer long and still can't get enough. No matter where in the world I may be, these beauties totally transport me to the mountains of Colorado, and the desert of the Southwest.

The Last Line:

Founded by jewelry veteran Shelley Gibbs Sanders and entrepreneur Teddy Sanders, The Last Line says, "Goodbye" to traditional jewelry, industry markups, eliminates the middle (wo)men, and delivers the latest designers a woman needs, when she needs them. The Last Line was created to give customers the finest quality jewelry that they dream of: The last perfect pinky ring, the last perfect tennis bracelet, the last perfect drop earring. The Last Line is designed to be one-of-a-kind modern day heirlooms, whether it's your first fine jewelry purchase, or a seasoned collector. The Last Line is rewriting the rules of the jewelry world one fine diamond at a time!

Diamond Snake Link Bracelet:

This piece is close to my heart because it’s a design I created to be able to be worn with other jewelry. Its a reality, although I don’t love it, that people have jewelry they wear daily from a variety of designers. I wanted to create a piece that can stand out and integrate with existing everyday diamond and gold  bracelets. The articulation of the links and the smooth design took me 3 years to complete. 

Perfect Diamond Collar Tennis  Necklace:

This is the ultimate gift. This was one of the first pieces I created to answer the prayers of many women I polled when starting the line. A common complaint about fine jewel was women couldn’t find a diamond necklace that was classic, but modern and chic. They wanted a fair priced option to the high priced pieces available and on a more delicate scale.  This piece looks good on everyone and is very flattering worn at the nape of the neck.  One of the goals of The Last Line is to create the pieces people want but can’t find. The perfect updates to classic styles to be forever loved and passed on—the perfect diamond collar tennis necklace is the ultimate where did you get that, I’ve been looking for it forever gift.  

Diamond Teddy Flower Earring:

I live to gift this piece. I think the idea of flowers that never die is so sweet to give. My favorite is obviously the diamond but I love that it comes in a bright bouquet of options. It’s whimsical and sweet. You can gift it in a pair or as a single bloom. It’s also versatile and can be worn as a flower with or without stem.

Jessica McCormack:

Jessica McCormack designs exceptional diamond jewelry, handcrafted in her dedicated London atelier. The daughter of an auctioneer, Jessica grew up quite literally surrounded by piles of precious objects in her native New Zealand - from antique Maori carvings and greenstone pendants to Georgian jewels and Victorian objects of curiosity.

She inherited her father’s passion for interesting and unusual antiques, which led her to London to work in the jewelry department of Sotheby’s. Exposed to some of the most important, rare, and exceptional jewels in the world, this would be the catalyst for the next stage in Jessica’s career.

In 2008, with the support of diamantaire Michael Rosenfeld, now a partner in the business, Jessica McCormack Ltd. began in earnest and Jessica quickly established herself as one of the most exciting new jewelers to watch. Eschewing trends and mass production for her own unique, antique-inspired aesthetic and values of hand-craftsmanship, Jessica’s designs have effortlessly melded the traditional and the modern since the beginning.

Her distinct style has become sought-after worldwide by a diverse clientele, whether it’s a bespoke client wishing to possess their own original heirloom created by Jessica, or a visitor to the house who can’t resist a pair of diamond drop-earrings in Jessica’s signature style.

Gypset Hoops:

The Gypset Hoops are part of the Signature collection which was created to provide an easily wearable jewelry uniform. Every piece has a timeless, modern aesthetic that draws admiration without being ostentatious. The diamonds are set using the houses’ traditional Georgian cut-down setting and Button Back finish and can be worn with anything and everything – on the school run, to the gym, to a board meeting, out for dinner and dancing on tables!

Ball n Chain Necklace:

Ball n Chain is a great addition to one’s jewelry wardrobe and is very versatile. Diamond or emerald pendants can be added to create different looks unique to one’s personal style. The solid gold orbs are handcrafted and linked together by blackened platinum links and the necklace moulds comfortably to the body.

Hex Ring:

These strikingly bold rings cleverly curve around the finger for easy, everyday wear, highlighting Jessica’s skill in making the most luxurious, high-end pieces utterly wearable. Handcrafted in 18k yellow and white gold with diamonds, rubies, or blue or orange sapphires, the Hex rings are perfect for lovers of geometry and retro-futurism.

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