Life's Too Short For Boring Outfits

BY Anum Bashir

This is something I've talked about, and repeated ad nauseam. Wonderfully inspiring are the people who adopt a more unapologetic approach to personal style. While I'm admittedly a fan of the edited wardrobe (only because some people have it down pat, and really present a good case for the "uniform"), I, for the time-being am choosing to subscribe to the "more is more" institution of dressing, where layers of clothing, accessories, over the top shoes, and daisy embroidered jeans can run free in the wild with absolutely no judgement. After all, there's way too much fun stuff out there for us to veto, or not give at least a try.

NYC based brand Miaou has made a pair of jeans that aren't jeans if you know what I mean - complete with embroidered daisies on black denim, these bottoms make quite the statement, but also have the retro appeal that I've so been into lately. They have the comfort of a good pair of jeans (being high-waisted, cropped 'n all), but can also be filed under "great statement pants to invest in".

I paired this look with my husband's white button-down and the cult favorite Balenciaga knife mules in the fuschia. I'll like be wearing different iterations of this look soon, so be on the lookout. 

On the left: I tried the norm-core thing for a day, but couldn't commit to it fully, and had to add a bit of drama from the ankles below with a pair of Jacquemus shoes I scored on Farfetch. Also to note, body suits are just GREAT! They work so well as a basic that you can style with practically anything in your wardrobe without having to deal with tucking and securing (something that often happens with shirts and tanks). 

On the right: I forgot I had this purple Ralph Lauren linen blazer from years ago which looks so Gucci circa right now. The sunglasses are ones I fell in love with on Matchesfashion, only to have them arrive, me tear the box open and try them on instantly, which later proceeded in my husband making immense fun of me over how "ridiculous" I apparently looked in that moment. I believe his words here, "woah you look so weird in those!" That was my cue to definitely keep them. ha! Same with the rhinestone hair clip. I've apparently discovered the portal to the 70s with 2 small accessories and I'm loving it.

This Isa Arfen top made me feel like an angel. That's all :)

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