My Take On Ramadan Style

BY Anum Bashir

Just like the title reads, I'm exercising and putting to good use the more modest items in my wardrobe, which have been out of circulation for a while (although I'm not sure why). A few weeks ago, I mentioned how clothes were once again exciting me, but that didn't exclusively pertain to the new stuff I've recently purchased. At times the older pieces which we happen to stumble upon in the back of our closets can re-invigorate us in the most thrilling way. You're once again reminded why you picked something up from a sample sale, or bought that dress while on vacation a while back that you probably couldn't even afford. Our clothes are actually a diary of our experiences, emotions and memories: reminding us of the time and place where we acquired them. Long story short, I'm getting re-acquainted with a lot of good stuff, and re-purposing it into my Ramadan style. It's a fun and festive time of year to dress up, and attend those iftar and suhoor parties. But of course, don't forget to give back, be good, and do good!

In dressing up this week, here's what I've discovered are some fun elements to consider: Maxi skirts in any fabric or pattern, floral dresses, big flower brooches, statement sunglasses, and of course shoes... never forget a good pair of shoes.

Jewelry really does go a long way too!

Pictured above, I'm wearing an old Erika Cavallini dress I got last year when I moved to Dubai. It's super comfortable and lightweight which is ideal for the 105 degree weather we've been hit with. The denim jacket by Acne Studios is a classic DM touch because it always happens to be freezing indoors (anywhere I go). The brooch is by Racil and the sunglasses are Gucci which are still available on Matchesfashion.

And there you have it.

Adding a tote or hobo bag that's been constructed from traditional keffiyeh fabric also adds a really nice cultural touch to any outfit. The skirt is one I scored from Creatures of Comfort last summer in NYC. I love khaki as a color a lot, and realized I don't wear it as often as I'd like. So here you have it, one of my most favorite outfits to date.

My only regret is not buying this skirt in more colors. With that being said, there is something about this outfit that made me feel really good about myself. It just came together quite nicely. 

When it doubt, just go monochrome; I promise you'll never go wrong, especially if it's white or black. I chose something very airy and light for the extremely warm day we were having here in Dubai. This Isa Arfen top is so angelic, and completely appropriate for the Ramadan season. It also reminds me that a good ruffle here and there is just the type of pick me up a gal needs to battle pangs of hunger, and serious thirst. 

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