The Retro Sartorial Dance

BY Anum Bashir

I wanted to wake up in the 90s today. I miss them. But that leads me to wonder, "Why am I always so nostalgic for years gone by?" Perhaps it's because I'm perennially stressed out over how quickly time flies. Wasn't I 20 yesterday? So my new thing is until they invent a time machine (debatably not too farfetched), I'm going to reminisce by performing retro sartorial dances, and the best way to start is by adopting a more feline exterior thanks to Dries Van Noten. Animal print is 90s right?

Here's a look I put together, and it worked for a multitude of reasons: It's comfortable, appropriate for work, but then also after, when you're meeting up with people for dinner. The shoes are heels, but ones I can actually walk in all day. 

Sidenote: Maryam Nassir Zadeh makes the most comfortable shoes!

Black tights made it sporty, but not too athletic, but I'm not sure I can quite pull off the athleisure thing yet. Consider this another iteration of menocore - a term coined by Man Repeller to describe the unapologetic “women of a certain age.” Like normcore, but older. Picture the way our moms dress/ed.

I realized once I boarded the eclectic train, that I wasn't bound to get off anytime soon. For the first time in a long time I felt like myself...a tiny bit eccentric, but still myself. 

And because the 90s were such a visual feast for our eyes, I'm also rounding up some fun images I pulled off the internet for future inspiration. Hi Janet! Hi Cindy!

And with Clarissa making such a strong case for coordinated dressing, you can see why the 90s is a great era to stay stuck in for a while, and I why I woke up feeling like this. 

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