I Can Be Catty Every Now And Then

BY Anum Bashir

I often times recall when I stupidly swore off animal print years ago; arrogantly assuming I would never ever want to dabble in the trend that I historically associated with mean ol' middle aged aunties. LOL. Boy did I have to eat my own words when about 2 years ago all I saw everywhere was animal print, and much to my surprise... loved it! "Could it be because I'm getting older too?" I wondered. There's a timelessness to throwing on a little leopard spots every now and then. If anyone's asking, it sure is the quickest way to channel Kate Moss, or Naomi Campbell in under 10 seconds. Couple weeks ago, whilst window shopping around the mall, I came across a faux fur cropped animal print jacket by loved London label, Shrimps - founded by Hannah Weiland in 2013. I excitedly put it on, anticipating that it would in fact look great... and it DID! 5 minutes later, I had my new purchase in hand, which solidified my stance that every gal should incorporate some sort of animal print in her wardrobe.

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