The Style Feature: Chloe Hill

BY Anum Bashir

Instagram yet again proves to be a wonderful place to discover the coolest of people. I've been following, and taking some serious cues from Sydney based stylist Chloe Hill for a while, and finally decided it was time to reach out, and get to know her better. Not only does she obviously have great style, but we here at Desert Mannequin find her content to be so aspirational!

AB: Where were you born, from, raised?

CH: I'm from Wellington, New Zealand's windy capital which is situated at the southern most tip of the North Island.

AB: Where are you based today?

CH: Right now I'm in Sydney, Australia. I spend a lot of time here for work, but also travel between the fashion capitals like London and Paris a few times a year.

AB: What do you do for a living? How did you end up doing it?

CH: I'm a freelance stylist. I also take photos and work on a lot of content creation projects, along with running - a site all about fresh faces and fashion. When I first moved to Sydney 10 years ago I started out working in magazines, from there moving to digital has been a natural progression.

AB: Earliest fashion memory/ influences?

CH: My mum sewing me floral dresses with matching scrunchies. And my glamorous aunty who often wore beautiful red lipstick.

AB: For those who don't know you, describe yourself?

CH: It's so hard to describe myself, but I think if you asked my close friends they would say I'm colourful, hardworking and ambitious.

AB: I absolutely love your style. Share with us some of your style rules and tricks.

CH: My trick is that there is no rules. I wear what makes me happy, but also what I feel comfortable in. The secret is to figure out what you personally love and go with that, don't be too influenced by seasonal trends.

AB: 5 designers you are loyal to/ always wear?

CH: Romance Was Born, Prada, Miu Miu, Holiday The Label , Wynn Hamlyn

AB: Where do you shop?

CH: Always online, I often buy things from my friends labels in person though. I love finding a bargain, and I really value buying used clothing, so The Real Real is one of my go to spots. Browns Fashion is definitely my favourite in terms of the best edit of emerging and established brands, I always love their buy.

AB: Any outfit recipes to follow?

CH: I alway gravitate towards straight leg jeans, cool ankle boots and a bright sweater. In summer a slogan tee and cool mini skirt is the best combo.

AB: Favorite pieces in your wardrobe right now?

CH: It's really cold in Sydney right now so my Holiday The Label hoodie and my Levi's baggies (a pair of high waisted, baggy, light wash jeans).

AB: What does fashion mean to you?

CH: Fun!

AB: New or vintage?

CH: Vintage.

AB: Dressed up or dressed down?

CH: Always somewhere in between!

AB: What's your take on trends?

CH: Don't follow them, just dress for yourself.

AB: One designer to watch right now?

CH: Lee Mathews. She's been around for a long time in Australia but she's really starting to gain momentum overseas!

AB: A style no-no?

CH: Wearing something you're not comfortable in.

AB: A fun fact about you no one knows?  

CH: Hmmm, well I guess a part of my wardrobe no one ever sees in my underwear! I buy it all from cute NZ label Lonely Lingerie. LOL.

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