The Style Feature: Ramya Giangola

BY Anum Bashir

There are a few Instagram accounts I've bookmarked, and consistently refer back to for style inspiration; one of them happens to be that of Ramya Giangola - founder of Fashion & Retail Consultancy, Gogoluxe. While I usually have a decently good grasp on what I like to wear on a day-to-day basis, via my "No Fuss" approach to dressing, there are days where trying to employ a selection of garments in order to put a look together seem like a behemoth of a task. Ramya always makes a great case for items and brands I usually wouldn't consider buying, and through her, has my love for all things Celine escalated to new heights. Let's get to know the gal that does elevated boho from LA - meets chic and tailored from NY oh so well!

AB: Where were you born/ raised, and where are you from?

RG: I was born in Cleveland Ohio, but moved to Southern California when I was 2 years old and was raised there. My parents are both originally from India. 

AB: Where are you based today?

RG: I recently relocated to Los Angeles California after living  in New York City for 19 years.

AB: What do you do for a living? How did you end up doing it?

RG: I run a fashion retail and brands consultancy called Gogoluxe. I had a bit of a complicated path that led me to fashion after getting very close to pursuing a degree in law, and ending up with an MBA instead. I started Gogoluxe with my husband about 12 years ago. After working with retailers for a more traditional buying office, it became clear that we could add real value to retailers in terms of helping them with brand and market intelligence, relationship building with creatives across all fashion and lifestyle categories, developing exclusive launches, collaborations, and in store activations and pop ups. We become a one stop extension of international retailers, the creative brain trust and help keep retailers dynamic, experiential, and constantly evolving. On the brand side it’s been amazing to help support talent from all corners of the world and bring brands to the international marketplace. Brands that may have success in their own home markets but need guidance on creative, merchandising, retail and marketing strategy as they launch to a wider audience.

AB: Earliest fashion memory/ influences?

RG: My mother and aunties getting dressed in gorgeous silk sarees for parties and events. The fabrics, the jewelry, everything was so beautiful and special. I also remember reading and collecting  Elle, W Magazine, The Face, and Vogue religiously from a young age.

AB: For those who don't know you, describe yourself?

RG: I would say I have a passion and curiosity for learning about different aspects of culture from design, food, art, music architecture and more. I love to travel and explore and try to as much as I can. I am a bit of a bookworm and love nothing more than to escape with a good book. But I also love seeing my friends and meeting new people. Above all I am a family person, and extremely close to my family and friends.

AB: I absolutely love your style. Share with us some of your style rules and tricks

RG: For me, the number one style rule is to be comfortable and feel like yourself. If you are only dressing to keep up with trends, or to look like someone else it will feel inauthentic, and also in the end you won’t feel/look like yourself either. I have found that there are certain brands that work for me and my lifestyle and I tend to stick with those brands pretty steadily. Celine for shoes (well for everything really), Vitakin for dresses, Rosie for tops and dresses, Balenciaga for shoes and anything more tailored/ structured.

AB: 5 designers you are loyal to/ always wear?

RG: Celine, Balenciaga, CDG, Vitakin, Rosie Assoulin, Natasha Zinko, Pippa Holt 

AB: Where do you shop?

RG: Mono-brand boutiques for above brands, directly with some brands, and then of course Net A Porter, And Dover Street Market


AB: Any outfit recipes to follow?

RG: I love cropped flares because I think they are super flattering, and go with everything. I also love mixing something utilitarian and something feminine together. I’m also still a big sneaker junkie. A good Golden Goose goes a long way.

AB: Favorite pieces in your wardrobe right now?

RG: My new Vitakin dresses with the embroidered on buttons. The new pieces I have from Celine including my tan and white cross body bag, my black lace shirt, and my Natasha Zinko white menswear pants. They're going to be in rotation for quite a while.

AB: What does fashion mean to you?

RG: Fashion is a means of expression and a way that we can express our selves, our mood, and feeling to the outside. I believe sometimes fashion can be like armor, it can protect us, it can empower us as well.

AB: New or vintage?

RG: Both. Mixing and matching is always so fun and refreshing, but also a great way to constantly keep your wardrobe on its toes. 

AB: Dressed up or dressed down?

RG: Dressed down

AB: What's your take on trends?

RG: While I know trends are what make the fashion cycle swing, I am wary of being too enslaved by trends, especially as I get older. I believe in investing in timeless pieces that will last longer than one season and won’t fatigue after 6 months. My problem with trends and the industries constant promotion of trends is that in the end it all leads to more consumption and waste. I do feel like there is just too much product and material out there and we need to be buying and consuming more responsibly. As trends seem to always cycle, perhaps a good way to incorporate trends into ones wardrobe is through vintage - which many find aspirational in that so many pieces are now unique and hard to find.

AB: One designer to watch right now?

RG: Cecilie Bahnson: love her use of volume and texture. Also very much liking the work of Alyx, and his his take on street and hardware.

AB: A style no-no?

RG: Too short, too tight, too high

AB: A fun fact about you no one knows?  

RG: I love to bake! 

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