Living In Cloud 9, Not On It

BY Anum Bashir

How flippin' great is this Rosie Assoulin top? I feel like human cotton candy, or a person taking up permanent residence in a cloud, or even someone dressed up as a loofah for an upcoming weekend costume party. This has to be one of my favorite outfits to date!

Happy Eid fellers! I love any kind of holiday season because I get to spend a lot of much needed quality time with friends and family, switch off from work, get gifts, and cloak myself with all kinds of wonderfully uninhibited outfits. This frantastic top by Rosie Assoulin was truly beckoning to be worn this week as we celebrate the end of Ramadan. I got it from Boutique1's Mall of the Emirates location, and you can too.  

I've often pondered over the fact of whether or not I can pull off poofy tops, billowy sleeves, and oversized bottoms because I see so many street-style stars do it so effortlessly. But then I circle back, and get rudely reminded that I'm not a size 2, 5'9". But there's something about Rosie that's so forgiving to the 5'3" curve girl like me. This top being a clear example of that. It was ample, but it worked.

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