Looks Like Fall, But Feels Like Hell!

BY Anum Bashir

Magda Butrym is the design darling hailing from Warsaw. She's become a savvy fashion household name, known for her silky, cutout patterns, and ever-flattering modern style. I first came across the brand during Paris Fashion Week many seasons ago. Been a fan ever since.

Why is it still so bloody HOT outside! Sometimes I just stand in front of my open closet for what feels like several hours (but in actuality is probably more like ten minutes) wondering what the heck I'm going to wear in order to survive this sweltering Dubai heat. Naked is not an option, but let's figure out what is.

Middle Eastern summers are so brutal, and what makes them worse is that they never seem to end.

Lucky for me, I opted for this silky, off the shoulder, somewhat breathable number by Magda Butrym which I scored at a Barney's sale this summer. It volunteers itself quite willingly, and I throw it on with a pair of off-white denim jeans, which probably should have been shorts in retrospect, but I felt cute. Warm, but cute.

The top also fits in quite well with this print/ floral theme I've been into all season. It's a nod to my favorite aunt. 

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