This Sartorial Devotee Has Gone Menocore

BY Anum Bashir

It's been a few months now, and I'm still very much riding the menocore train. With no signs of getting off anytime soon, I often ask myself, "Why wouldn't you want to dress as the 50 year old, more comfortable, version of yourself in your 30s?" And more importantly, am I pulling this off? Who cares, because that's what menocore is all about - being out and proud about the sartorial decisions we make.

The term was first coined by our friends over at Man Repeller. They astutely pointed out that the trend was in fact everywhere, it's just that we a. weren't consciously aware of it, and b. didn't know exactly what to call it. So what exactly is menocore? It's the way your mom dresses today, or your stylish aunt, even. That weathered seasoned life professional who throws on clothes with a huge "I don't care" attitude about her.

It is, and I quote, a dressing sensibility that "pays long-overdue homage to an age bracket that is often ignored by the fashion industry. It's a movement that embraces comfort and security." 

"Gone are restrictions — creams, knits, spectacles and free-flowing shapes are in. Celebrate freedom, clashes and comfort, and if you want to add more patterns or wear loose on loose, welcome to the safe embrace of menocore."

Menocore is so ideal because its neither here or there. It's not farfetched, or unattainable. It very well could be fashion equilibrium - sitting comfortably in the middle of all trends, and catering to every girl out there. 

The key though, which I happen to love, is it's more "beach side vacation", or "visit to that cute quaint cafe that you've been eyeing", than catwalk. In fact, I don't think the realm of runways exist with menocore, but I might be wrong. Maybe they do, but the approach is different. 

After have perused the internet for evidence of the above mentioned, I realized one thing, menocore isn't about minimalism or maximalism, it's about you doing you. No one's being asked to strip down to anything. It's not normcore, or maybe it is?

While I think all fashion trends and terms have pointed to a particular style or aesthetic, I think menocore points more to a state of mind. It's about personal security, and finally taking pride.

With limitations being restricted, I am emphatically say that I will be riding the menocore train for the unforeseeable future.

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