I Hate Valentine's, But I Love Clothes

BY Anum Bashir

It’s February, and so I’ll be wearing what I love to celebrate the month of love, and continue to love who I love. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be demonstrating some girly flair to my usually simple and minimal wardrobe. Consider this me ushering in the era of menocore.

Ah what the heck, you only live once, and I’ve got way too many lovely dresses sitting pretty in my wardrobe that are just beckoning for a night on the town. Kindly note, I'm a recent adopter of the whole menocore aesthetic which I think might be one I'm willing to explore for a great amount of time to come. 

And though I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day with Hallmark breathing down our necks, I'm ok with dressing up like I'm in love, and using this day as an excuse to have an expensive, and well deserved meal with Waqas.

Here you have it, exhibit A: My Gul Hurgel dress, Dior bag, and Malone Souliers furry dawns that are the bees knees!

What does Valentine's mean to you? How will you be dressing up?

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