Sometimes Clothes Can Shine Brighter Than The Sun

BY Anum Bashir

Amidst the millennial pink craze, I have to confess that I love yellow lately. I'm not totally convinced the color suits me, but heck it's a good one to wear right now. This top in particular from Balenciaga is to blame for this sudden interest.

What makes yellow so special? I'm not sure, actually. I just know that it bears a striking resemblance to sunshine, and if happiness was a color, it'd probably be yellow.

There's so much good stuff out there that happens to be yellow. Emoticons are yellow, as are sunflowers. Turmeric lattes are taking Manhattan by storm, and they're yellow. How do you guys feel about it? Am I making sense?

All I've wanted this summer was to find the perfect yellow suit. I haven't yet, but I'm sure it's out there. And I'm not talking about any particular shade. They're all great - from light yellow to a dark mustard. Ooooo dark mustard! In cashmere sweater form?

South Asian weddings in fact have a special ceremonial event called an Upton (or sometimes called a Mayoun) where the bride is supposed to dress in a shade of yellow of her choice. It's a tradition which apparently brings good luck, and enhances beauty. I did it too :)

I've also compiled a few images plucked from around the internet of women in yellow to help further my cause here.

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