Who Knew A Turtle On A Belt Would Be So Brilliant?

BY Anum Bashir

California based label, Staud is super cool as evidenced by the super cool girls who wear them. I think they've made the best belt I've seen in a long, long time. It comprises of a turtle as the bucket, and the rest pretty much doesn't matter. Don't lie, you want one too now #AmIRight?

STAUD was founded in 2015 by Sarah Staud and George Augusto on a "commitment to producing accessible, yet innovative pieces for the contemporary woman. 

Created and designed in Los Angeles, our collections are created for those that want beautiful accessibly priced clothes and ready to wear collections that forgo trend for timelessness. 

The goal? No nonsense, high style. We want to create a line of modern classics, refined pieces that reflect both an eye toward the future and a nostalgia for old school elegance. Clean, feminine lines, flattering cuts and only the finest materials - our intent is to design sophisticated, attainable clothing and accessories, without ever sacrificing quality or creativity. Instead, each piece is meant to elevate and enhance, pairing perfectly with everything from a pair of sneakers, to a treasured dress shoe. 

Working closely with a collective of manufacturers, STAUD continues to defy expectation – pushing the boundaries of the bland, to produce designs that are stunning but simple, unique but uncomplicated - and as well priced, as they are well made."

Taken from www.staud.clothing

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