Claire Beermann

BY Anum Bashir

Get to know Berlin's fashion star, who's not only one of the sweetest humans I've come across in the industry, but also has impeccable style, is a wonderful writer, and overall wonderful to hang out with. You'll dig her too, just as much as I do.

Hi there, cats. The summer sizzle is still very much in full swing, and I thought to myself a couple weeks back, “Why not treat you all to a double dig this month?” Consider it my summer-has-almost-come-to-an-end-parting-gift.

Plus, it’s not as much fun if all you’re ever doing on your blog is talking about what you’re wearing when there are several folks out there doing a heck of a lot to inspire you on a daily basis.

So, for the longest time, I had always wanted a pen pal. There was something oddly intriguing, yet fun/ adventurous about becoming fast friends with someone you’ve never physically met. Turns out, tadaaaaa, I may have finally found one in new pal, blogger, writer extraordinaire, Claire Beermann. For seasons now, we’ve seen Claire in several awesome Street Style galleries online, and many of you may have also read a number of her articles that she writes for German publication ZEITmagazin and her blog C’est Clairette . So, it dawned on me that this ridiculously cool and warm lady need not only be dug by us, but you all as well. 

Fun Fact: She’s ¼ Lebanese, making her our homegirl.

AB: Tell us little bit about yourself. I just learned you’re half Lebanese, and am a little mind blown I have to admit!

CB: I’m actually quarter Lebanese – my mother is half Lebanese, half German, and my father is German – but every time I go to Lebanon to visit my family, it feels like coming home, so I’m definitely a full-blooded Arab at heart :) I dream of moving to Beirut one day! It’s such a magical place. I love the kindhearted people, the chaos, the noise, the scents of jasmine and manakeesh, the architecture, the beautiful nature surrounding the city. I grew up in Hamburg, but moved to Berlin after school. The city sometimes reminds me of Beirut. It’s beautiful because it isn’t perfect.

© Julia Zierer for C'est Clairette

© Julia Zierer for C'est Clairette

AB: First thing you do in the morning? Are you even a morning person?

CB: I love mornings. There’s nothing better than getting up at 6am and seeing the world awakening, especially in summer! I don’t even have curtains in my bedroom so the sun can wake me up. I love going for a swim or a run at the beautiful Tiergarten (Berlin’s Central Park) before work.

AB: Gosh, I wish I were a morning person. I envy “morning” people. Maybe it’s because I’m often working till so late at night, that waking up in the morning feels like such a daunting task.

AB: Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Which is your favorite?

CB: BREAKFAST! I love it so much I’m already excited about it when I go to bed. You should see me at breakfast, I eat for two.

AB: Favorite color?

CB: Blue.

AB: Favorite article of clothing?

CB: The best thing I bought this summer: a crochet knit dress by Rachel Comey. It’s so gorgeous it makes me happy just by looking at it.

AB: I love this dress on you! It really is quite perfect for the summer. No wonder you seem so happy in it.

AB: What got you into fashion? What do you do now?

CB: I have always loved playing dress-up and disguising myself. I’ve always been a creative person, so it was clear that I was going to end up in a creative job. I love how fashion can bring out all different facets of your personality and character. I love the craft of it, its extravagance, its drama and constant. When I was younger I wanted to become a fashion designer but soon realized I’m much better at writing than sewing. Also I need a break from fashion from time to time, and I love to write about other topics as well: lifestyle, pop culture, food, travel. Today I work as a journalist, which feels like a dream come true, and mostly write for the German ZEITmagazin, supplement of the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT, about style, culture and travel. And I write a blog!

© Asia Typek

© Asia Typek

AB: What are your impressions of the Middle East with regards to fashion, individual style, etc?

CB: I think Middle Eastern women are the best dressed women in the world. I know what I’m talking about because I was brought up by one. My mother is a very elegant woman, I guess the essence of what she taught me is that life’s too short to be underdressed. This is something I always observe when I go to Lebanon: women seem to truly enjoy their beauty and femininity there and really embrace it through elegant clothes and jewelry, whereas many women here in Germany rather prefer to hide themselves and keep it low. I also think there are some great Middle Eastern designers: I love Sarah’s Bag and Maison Rabih Kayrouz and am always happy to discover new names from the region.

© Julien Barbès for C'est Clairette

© Julien Barbès for C'est Clairette

AB: If you were forced to commit to ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

CB: Writing!

AB: Good one. 

AB: An attribute you find most endearing in people?

CB: A good sense of self irony.

AB: Big life goals/ dreams?

CB: Getting a swimming pool. It’s the childhood dream I won’t give up on. But I guess I’ll have to move to a warmer country first. There’s really no point in getting a swimming pool here in Germany (which is probably the reason why I’m so obsessed with it).

AB: What makes you laugh?

CB: My boyfriend’s drawings. All he draws is rabbits and elephants, and they look incredibly silly. He sometimes leaves post-its with them on my desk (we work in the same office).

© Marlen Mueller for C'est Clairette

© Marlen Mueller for C'est Clairette

AB: Haha that’s cute. My husband is a heinous sketch artist, but it’s oddly entertaining to watch him draw. It hasn’t done much to his confidence though LOL. I still seem to have quite the collection of doodles.

AB: Favorite TV show?

CB: GIRLS. Suits. Desperate Housewives. And Sex and the City, obviously.

AB: Obviously!

AB: Lipstick or mascara? Or both?

CB: Mascara

AB: Favorite city?

CB: Oh, I have many! Beirut, New York, Rio, and Berlin ain’t too shabby either.

© Sandra Semburg for C'est Clairette

© Sandra Semburg for C'est Clairette

AB: How did you discover Desert Mannequin?                                            

CB: Through your beautiful feature on Matches! 

AB: Finally, one really weird fact about you that no one knows?               

CB: I enjoy dancing naked (in my room! That’s why nobody knows)

AB: Sad to see this end, hence the last photo! Thanks Claire! Big love…

© Julia Zierer for C'est Clairette

© Julia Zierer for C'est Clairette

Images courtesy: Sandra Semburg & Garance Dore

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