BY Anum Bashir

As many of you may know, the wondrous designer, and founder of British super label, Erdem Moralıoğlu paid us a little visit last week to talk about the evolution of his brand over the past decade. That’s correct folks, Erdem has just celebrated 10 big whoppin’ years, successfully constructing some of the most beautiful, elegant, and ornate dresses that us fashion folk get to enjoy season after season. And truly lucky are those who get to wear one of his timeless creations, might I add.

As we all may agree, a decade in a industry as fast paced and often times maniacal as the fashion one is no easy fete, yet Erdem makes it rather effortless and true to a core DNA he has so cleverly established for the house over the years.

Growth was slow and steady, but steadfast and strong for this young label, which is what Erdem recommends young designers all over to do. He now houses some of his most beautiful creations at his recently launched flagship store in Mayfair, London.

So why am I going on and on about Erdem you may ask? It’s because yours truly was lucky enough to engage in a little tete-a-tete with the Canadian/ Turkish/ British designer to chit chat about Erdem’s days; both early, and now. He talked about growing up in Canada to a Turkish father and British mother, and how it all led to where he is today.

“My mother was so proper, and put together. Very English. She took us to museums, and that’s where I think it all began, the interest in fashion.”

Erdem would sketch the female form all day as a young boy. He was enamored to say the least.

Moving to London at the ripe old age of 23 to pursue a masters at the Royal College of Arts, Erdem soon went on to establish his eponymous label in 2005. 

This super dapper man, and all that he creates has truly become synonymous with true feminine elegance and strength, employing some of the richest and most ornate of fabrics to put forth a story or exhibit about a time or place that’s resonated with the designer any particular season.

It bode well for me personally that the man is so into Art as well, having engaged with it from a young age, and going on to become a collector himself.

Erdem explained all about his collaborations with the Art industry, and how it all tied in quite nicely with what he was trying to achieve sartorially. In our opinion he’s created somewhat of a perfect marriage between two distinct worlds, which to be honest, on many levels aren’t that unknown to each other at all.

Having personally attended his runway shows in London, it has become highly evident that Erdem’s mission is to continuously take us AWAYYYYY, on a ride, somewhere else, through a fantasy. The production and theatrics behind his grandiose unveilings are always packed full of detail and intent. It’s just great.

So here I am after our lovely talk, prancing around in an Erdem Spring/ Summer creation which made me feel every bit as woman as I hope to on any given Wednesday.

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