Gül Hürgel

BY Anum Bashir

I’ve been digging a certain Turkish delight for a while. Yeah, that’s my cheeky attempt at describing the sweet, beautiful, smart, and endlessly talented Gül Hürgel.

I’ve been digging a certain Turkish delight for a while. Yeah, that’s my cheeky attempt at describing the sweet, beautiful, smart, and endlessly talented Gül Hürgel. Also, we both happen to be Geminis, so without having physically met one other, I feel I already know her quite well. 

Currently based in Istanbul, designer Gül Hürgel launched her own namesake label not too long ago, and already her pieces have become a staple in some of the most coveted wardrobes around the globe. Everyone from Claire Distenfeld, Caroline Issa, to Pandora Sykes have rocked one of her dresses.

So let’s get to know Gül a little better shall we?

AB: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where were you born, and where did you grow up?

GH: I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, but then attended high-school at the Institut Montana Zugerberg in Switzerland. After graduating, I went on to study fashion design at Parsons School of Art and Design for my junior and senior years after having completed the first half of college abroad in Paris.

AB: What made you start your own label?

GH: I wanted to share my story, background, and history with others, so by making clothes, I could do just that. I knew I always wanted to create my own line some day and also had the tremendous support of my family and friends.

AB: What is the fashion scene like in Turkey?

GH: There is a huge demand for anything that is uniquely executed with good craftsmanship. Turkish history and culture is deeply rooted in artisanal construction. It’s also wonderful to see that younger generations are not afraid to experiment with new styles which later inspire designers to have more freedom and creativity with their designs. It’s an interesting crossroads and mix to be honest.

AB:  I know. Having been to Turkey a few times now, one of the first things I noticed immediately were the local designers, and the overall prevalence of a fashion scene. Designers really are onto something interesting which is so rooted, but also extremely fresh. Another designer I happened to stumble upon a few seasons ago in Paris was Sanayi313. It’s fantastic!

AB: What excites you most about designing?

GH: Creating an imaginary mood board in your mind with several images excites me the most. It’s like a personal fantasy.

AB: Ooo, that sounds interesting, but also so personal in a way because it’s all based on imagination as you’ve mentioned, so one can really share that experience with you until they see the physical collection?

GH: In a way, yes!

AB: What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

GH: I think of having breakfast even before going to bed the night before. So without fail, the first thing in the morning is breakfast!

AB: That’s a really great and healthy habit. I wish I could do breakfast. For some reason, my body rejects it. Not cool.

AB: If you were not a designer, what would you be?

GH: I’d either go to acting school, or I’d definitely do something with flowers or food.

AB: How about an actress who also happens to secretly be an incredible chef, and owns a enviable collection of exquisite floral dresses? That could work too! I like where this is going.

GH: There’s more……

AB: Oh, go on then…..

GH: This may sound crazy, but I’d also want to own a men’s barbershop inspired by and designed in a very Art Nouveau way.

AB: That could actually be pretty cool, and so different from what you do now. Hey, you never know. Maybe somewhere in the future, fancy Turkish men could be taming their manes in your decadent barbershop?

AB: So who is the Gül Hürgel woman?

GH: Sophisticated, with a good sense of humor and taste.

AB: Humor is important in your everyday life… kinda like vitamins.

AB: Where do you hope to see your label in a few years?

GH: I want to see the stylish women of the Mediterranean coast wearing Gül Hürgel design️s. I love that part of the world, and I feel my aesthetic marries itself so well with the Mediterranean. 

AB: Some of your personal hobbies include?

GH: Discovering new places in Istanbul, and traveling to new destinations.

AB: Favorite holiday destination in that case?

GH: The Aegean coast of Turkey.

AB: Favorite color?

GH: I am a Gemini, and this is the hardest question to answer. Depending on my mood though, I’d have to say either blue, pink, white and/or black.


AB: I’m a Gemini too. That’s so funny because we are known to be an indecisive lot at times. When it doubt though, in my case, white is always such a good option.

AB: Favorite cuisine?

GH: Turkish, Sicilian, Lebanese

AB: Favorite article of clothing? 

GH: White linen shirt

AB: Gosh, me too!

AB: A fun fact about yo no one knows.

GH: I always forget the color of my toothbrush and mix it with others. I am also obsessed with very old school shaving kits.

AB: My husband and I interchange our toothbrush heads all the time. It’s so gross, but we always end up laughing. As for the vintage shaving kits, they’ll be perfect for your new barbershop ;)


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