Beauty & Wellness: Partnering With Belle Femme

BY Anum Bashir

Earlier this week, I announced on Instagram that Belle Femme Salon and Desert Mannequin are getting together to chronicle a beauty and wellness partnership. The conversation sprung from the fact that I rarely have time to dabble into self-care, and it's something I'd like to slowly start changing as I get older. It's important for us to make time for ourselves amidst hectic schedules. The better you feel about your health, and the more you look after your well-being, can only lead to a happier and more productive life. So every fortnight, I'll be sharing fun and informative journal entries on treatments and services that Belle Femme provide, and what's actually working! Results are key, and they promise it.

For my first day there, we kept it low-key to general maintenance. I hadn't had a manicure/ pedicure in forever, and the stress of a long workweek meant that getting an oil infused head massage would be perfect to reboot my follicles. 

I arrived at the Bay Square branch, and was greeted by a warm and welcoming staff who got right to it. 

They instantly recommended the spa manicure and pedicure which entails a deep exfoliating element to it. My hands and feet tend to be extremely dry so the suggestion was right on point. After a heavy round of scrubbing and moisturizing, my hands and feet were wrapped in saran wrap to preserve moisture and really let everything seep deep into my skin. It worked like a dream! Baby soft hands and feet :)

For color, I opted to go for a very nude gel manicure. It lasts longer, dries instantly, and looks so shiny and great. I know many people often argue that gel manicures can wreck havoc on your nails, but it's something I seldom do, and always have a professional remove the polish once I'm ready. You'll see that with proper care and maintenance, damage to the nails can be avoided.

For hair, the stylist recommended a mask and oil treatment to help with dryness there too. Water in Dubai tends to be quite harsh on the hair so she suggested we remedy that. 45 minutes later, I was re-introduced to what healthy hair should really feel like. She gave me a fuss free blowout, and I was ready to start my weekend.

Belle Femme truly does offer an amazing array for treatments for hair. They've introduced the Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment which caters to anything from dry and frizzy hair, to lacklustre color, etc.  Definitely recommending this one to you ladies.

In the coming weeks, we'll be exploring more heavy duty treatments. For one, I'm eager to tackle the cellulite on my bum. I've been in a long relationship with it, and it's time to part ways.... 

Stay tuned.

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