Bold Brows: How I Got Mine Back

BY Anum Bashir

I’ve thought long and hard about this post mainly because there’s a deeply personal aspect to what I’m about to share with you guys, and wasn’t sure if I was quite ready to dish it out. But now I am, simply because I’m certain there are a ton of other girls out there whose experiences mirror my own, and in the interest of building a community, I'm ready to share. This beauty trick helped bring back the confidence and love I once had for my brows. Yup, this confessional beauty story is about eyebrows!

So here goes. Growing up I was always the hairier kid. My sister never had to wax or shave her legs, while I had to sit through hours of agonizing hair removal procedures from a rather young age. Not fair! However, the silver lining was being blessed with ample brows! They were big and beautiful, just the way people like ‘em these days. So when I was about 13 years old, my mother allowed me to tidy them up for the first time, and they looked GREAT! I loved the compliments I got over the years of having full and perfectly arched eyebrows.

I figured the tax of having to wax everywhere else was worth the pretty show-stopping brows I was blessed with that framed my face for years.

All through high school and college I was the brow gal!

Soon after I moved to Pittsburgh, I was diagnosed with auto-immune disease - hypothyroidism to be exact. It’s not that big of a deal to be honest if you stick to your daily morning medications, but it does come with a slew of symptoms that aren’t so pleasant, especially when you’re that 20 something girl whose confidence can at times get rocked pretty easily, all the while wondering why certain parts of you are taking a turn for the worst at such a young age.

Over the coming months, I noticed my eyebrows thinning in certain places. “Mmmm that wasn’t a good sign”, I thought to myself, but was convinced it was only temporary, and they would eventually grow back once my system figured itself out. But it never quite did. An affordable and easy solution was MAC’s espresso eye shadow which I used for years to lightly shade in places that had lost volume.

However, a couple months ago, I grew tired of that daily morning routine. I wanted to break up with eye shadows forever. Not that it didn’t do the trick, but it was just time to move on. My eyebrows for the most part had grown back after years of castor oil and refraining to tweeze or thread, but they weren’t quite where they used to be.

I had heard/ read a ton about micro-pigmentation and semi-permanent makeup. But the skeptic I often tend to be never quite took the plunge. Truth be told, I was quite afraid of someone wrecking havoc on them, and I’d be stuck with a horrendous set of brows that had absolutely no chance of going back. 

Months of research, and I finally stumbled upon a young and incredibly charming young lady named Chloe Walsh who recently moved to Dubai from England and works for the Sisters Beauty Lounge at the Dubai Mall. After following her work for a while, I decided to take the leap and schedule a consultation. She knew what I wanted, and was quick to gain my trust. It’s so important for beauticians to listen to what the client expects and wants. Chloe did just that. I wanted to walk out of the salon looking like me, but without having to put in the daily effort of filling and shadowing. It was going to be my little kept secret - until now that is.

The procedure overall was quite comfortable once Chloe lathered on a good amount of numbing cream. A little sting, a slight burn, and about an hour later I was done!

Chloe tells me that “literally anyone and everyone can get this procedure done.” Obviously some to a greater degree than others, but still very doable and quite rewarding. She mentions, “If you have gaps or want to achieve the perfect shape for your face then this is the procedure to consider. Who doesn’t want to look like Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba, or even dare I say, the Kardashians when it comes to eyebrows?” 

Chloe understands face shape and the necessity for her work to look incredibly natural which is why I went to her.

I could go on and on about happy I was with the results (you can see them here for yourself), and what this treatment could potentially do for you, but all the information you gals will need is here listed on Chloe’s website:

How do you feel about it? Could you tell? We’re curious to know.


Image Credits: Preen

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