Byredo's Travel Friendly, Powdered Perfume

BY Anum Bashir

We’ve finally launched our beauty segment on Desert Mannequin, which we’re cheekily calling “Let’s Face It.” Now, I by no means am any kind of expert on beauty, but am merely using this platform to share some really cool/ interesting products I happen to come across and use on a regular basis. Everything is tried, tested, and supremely approved by yours truly!

Throughout my years of travel, the one thing I fear most - other than missing my flight and losing my bags, is whether or not those TSA jerks are going to chuck my $200 (relatively new) bottle of perfume in a packed to the brim garbage with other ill-fated liquids. It's been a struggle that has lasted well over a decade, but has now luckily come to an end thanks to the geniuses I'm about to proudly present. 

I’m thrilled to be announcing Byredo as one of our launch partners for “Let’s Face It.” They make hella cool fragrances, that are, in my humble opinion, some of the best damn scents these weathered nostrils have come across in a while. Here’s just one of them I’ve been using for a while now. Keep reading... these are no ordinary perfumes.

I love perfume. I think it’s a Middle Eastern thing. From a very young age, we watch our moms, grandmoms, aunts, and practically all women in our lives douse themselves with exotic sweet-smelling potions from all over the world. It's tradition, and it's going nowhere. 

I came across Byredo while shopping at Barney’s in NY a few weeks ago. I was very intrigued by this concept of “kabuki perfume”. My first thought was, “Perfume for the face?” “Wait! What? That can’t be right? Isn't this a makeup brush?” For years our dermatologists remind us ad nauseam that perfumed products are to be kept as far away from the face as possible.

Clearly being the beauty newb that I am, I had to read further to see what exactly was going on here. That’s when I learned that Byredo was essentially creating a whole new experience around perfuming. It was perfume in powdered form within a kabuki brush for us to apply all over ourselves, especially whilst on the go. EUREKA! So portable. So fun. Take that TSA!

And the smell? Absolutely, ridiculously, divine! You can shop these rad kabuki brushes now on Net-A-Porter along with other products from the brand.

You welcome :)


Image Credit: The Beauty Cove


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