Ladies, This Was The Highlight Of My Day

BY Anum Bashir

Generally speaking, makeup is not my thing, but there are certain genre of products (i.e. concealer, blush, and lip stain) I use on a daily basis, and won't be giving up for the foreseeable future. For years now I've been in pursuit of that perfect highlighter that actually makes you look healthy, and not made up. You know, glowy, but not oily. I've tried highlighters from several brands, and they never quite hit a chord, until a Chanel press kit of makeup arrived at my door one fine day. Ladies, look no further.

So as I was saying, the caveat with highlighting is that often times when it's 2000 degrees outside, the chances of you looking like a muddy, oily creature are quite high. And that's definitely not the look we're going for here. In addition to that, creamier products tend to wipe right off your face, resulting in smears.

First thing's first though; figuring out whether you're the type of girl who prefers something creamier, or then more powder based. I guess the season we're in would impact this decision. Seeing as we're heading into Fall/Winter, the use of a creamier product would make sense so as to give the illusion of a well moisturized face.

Next, I had to learn where to place the product (which apparently is quite key when contouring and highlighting). Finally, taking your freshly done-up face on a test spin outdoors and seeing how it fairs. 

Today I'm reviewing the center-stage product of Chanel's Fall 2017 Travel Diary Collection - Chanel Palette Essentielle in "160 Beige Medium" which retails for about $85 but gives you three distinct and very fulfilling products packaged conveniently into one compact.

Right off the bat, the concealer was great with ample coverage. I don't contour so I skipped that step all together. It's the highlighter I was going after and keen to try. Could I have finally found the right one for me?

What I love about Chanel's creamy highlight was that it actually lit up my face. People remarked on several occasions, "Woah you're glowing! Have you done something recently?"

The key is to moisturize well, and place the product on your upper cheekbones, taking it into the brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, and over the tops of your eyebrows. Et voila, it's like you've just had the best facial, ever. And no one will suspect makeup; just the work of a really good dermatologist.  

Here is some photo proof. 

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