These La Prairie Products Promise Serious Results

BY Anum Bashir

Today we’re talking serious adult skincare. La Prairie is renowned for what they do, and yes, they are incredibly expensive, which is why I steered clear of their counters for years, opting for drugstore brands that I thought would suffice well into my 30s. However, being a recent convert, I am here today to give you honest reviews on a number of their products. Swearing by many, and having used them for a few months now, I can solemnly swear that the results are tremendous.

Growing up, as a teenager, and all through my twenties, I was always blessed with relatively well-behaved skin. But like most things in life, I came to the realization (as I turned 30) that there, most definitely was room for improvement. 

I was determined to enter this new decade with the best damn skin possible. With that being said, I’ve never been one to splurge on expensive skin products. Frankly speaking, I’ve actually never been convinced that they outperform my usual $6.99 lineup of drugstore goodies that had, and still continue to do so well. 

So one day, I was lucky enough to score a consultation with the skincare brand to the stars, La Prairie. I went in excited, but skeptical. All I kept thinking to myself was, “This stuff is so damn expensive!” 

“How on earth will I be able to use this long term?”

Having sat down with their regional expert, who was so lovely, knowledgable, and happened to compliment me already on my “great skin”, she made several valid points I hadn’t thought about earlier.

“Great skin can last a lifetime”, she told me, “but its requirements change with time. As we get older, you have to give it what it needs to look like it did 10 years ago.” Well that made sense. So clearly, my approach to facial care needed to evolve.

We chit-chatted, she put together a regimen for me that I was actually determined to follow. Mind you for the last 15 years, I’ve used a total of 2-3 products on my face, so committing to way more than that would take some discipline on my part.

Nonetheless, I got home and got cracking, reading through all the product manuals and getting acquainted with the creams and serums which will hopefully give my skin that extra boost it needed to go from good to great!

It’s been almost 8 weeks since I started my regimen with La Prairie and truth be told I do see gradual improvements. Nothing good comes easy I keep reminding myself, but my skin overall appears brighter, happier, and more youthful. Win! 

Want to know what I’ve been using? Well, here it is, in order with a more detailed review on what they’ve done for me personally :) 

I start with the Purifying Cream Cleanser which is incredible. It works up a good creamy lather which helps to deep clean the skin without over drying or being too harsh.

Next, it’s time to tone. For that I use the Cellular Refining Lotion which is probably one of my favorite products. It has really helped improve skin tone, and removes all the last traces of pretty much anything on your face which doesn’t belong there.

Now it’s serum time. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SERUMS! They’re potent which means they work. The Skin Caviar Essence in Lotion is really refreshing and somehow as soon as it ends up on your skin you can really feel it work. Consider it skin food if you will. It absorbs quickly and leaves the surface refreshed and hydrated without any residue.

It doesn’t end there. There’s a brightening serum for the eyes, and one for the face too which follow suit. To be honest I haven’t noticed much of a difference with these products, but I do believe collectively with the entire regime they do work to some capacity, just not enough in my opinion. Perhaps have to give it a little more time.

I then move on to moisturizing because as I’ve recently learned, serums aren’t enough. You need something to lock that goodness in. That’s where your moisturizer comes into play. Oh, and don’t forget your SPF!

I was given two options: One with actual gold flakes in it. How’s that for fancy? The other was more of a tinted moisturizer. Both I can’t recommend enough. They moisturize without greasing you up. I have actually gone through the last 15 years of my life never having moisturized because everything would make me look deep fried! Alas, some highly effective stuff.

Lastly, at night, I turn to their Swiss Crystal eye cream which is very nourishing and helps fight under eye fatigue which Lord knows I battle extensively throughout my work week.

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