What Is It About Red Lipstick?

BY Anum Bashir

Whether it's queens throughout history, or princesses from Disney movies, there's something about a red lip that epitomizes beauty in a way nothing else can. It's universal, it's symbolic, and it's here to stay; whether you're a frequent user, or only save it for those special occasions.

Every now and again I too dabble in this timeless beauty trend. When you get the shade just right, you look so alive! Your face needs nothing else. Actually, some might argue your body needs nothing else. That's probably it, red stands alone on its own so well. 
I also asked 5 wonderfully cool ladies their take on the red lip, and this is what they had to say:
I actually don't wear red lipstick. I just don't like how I look in it. I never look like "myself" with it on so I spend the whole time self-conscious, which takes the fun out of the color's novelty.
With that being said though, Red is powerful and transformative. When the colors on your mouth it commands attention to your overall being, your face, your mouth and perhaps most importantly, the words that come out of it. There's also something about a red lip that makes women look "done." It's such a deliberate choice that even if you're in jeans and a tee, a red lip shows you thought about the whole picture.
AB: Why do you think red lips have come to be synonymous with beauty? 
AD: I'm sure there's some psychological connection to the natural reddening of lips that occurs during arousal and our animalistic mating tendencies/ how those play into what what we're attracted to, but also, red lips signal confidence, and confidence is beautiful - cheesy as that sounds.
Red has always been the color of seduction, love, temper, attitude... It is a statement of sexiness, but also, so much more.
AB: Do you wear a red lip often?
NK: I wear it occasionally when I feel like I have something to say! haha
Red lips have this ability to unapologetically bring out our beauty and confidence without having to do too much.
I think red lips are to women what a red speedy sports car might be to men.
It's iconic, classic, bold, and sensual.
We grow up learning that the one color that you need in your vanity case is red. It's exemplary chic!
The great thing about red is that it suits all skin tones. Women of all ages and races have been looking their most beautiful in red for as long as we can remember.
I personally feel gorgeous in Red Lizard by Nars, or Ruby Woo by Mac. 
Amun Bashir (Sister, but also kickass lawyer):
Red is a color that can make me go from zero to fierce in 5 seconds. Like you, I don’t typically spend more than five minutes putting make-up on each day. I prefer to keep it simple. For a quick fix on a night out I grab my trusty red lipstick and it works better than a pair of heels for me!
Red lipstick makes me feel powerful and feminine. I get compliments all the time on my “lippy”, so I'm sticking to my loyalty of the color. My go-to shade at the moment is Mac Retro Liquid Lipstick - Dance With Me.
All I know is that red makes you look alive!!! Working the long and grueling hours I do, it is sometimes the only way I can freshen up my face. Anyone who knows me, knows that my personal style is incredibly minimalist and understated. I tend to stick to the usual suspects: denim, white button downs, and one of my clutches. So red is literally the cherry on top.
Plus it transitions from day to night quite well if you're wearing the perfect red. Not too orange, and not too pink. 
The funny thing about red is that while it can look very aggressive and surely command attention, it can also look so comfortable, and correct. I've known many women to go their entire adult lives only sporting a red lip, and it almost becomes second skin; a part of them that you can't imagine any other way. 
As far as brand and shade loyalty - it's Chanel Rouge for me. 

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