Before You Try Botox, Try Retinol

BY Anum Bashir

A dermatological one-stop-shop to reducing fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, as well as jumpstarting collagen production, improving elasticity, and lots, lots more. Retinol is hands down the industry's gold standard ingredient for anti-aging. Simply put, retinol is Vitamin A - a highly reactive ingredient that's often used by skincare and beauty brands to help millions of men and women reverse that deeply dreaded aging clock. I started using Skinceuticals' Retinol 0.3 cream late last year and have been monitoring its effects on my skin ever since. Here's what I found out.

Initially, like many, my skin started to peel lightly. The mild redness and burning were expected as I had read countless reviews at this point explaining the same. I was patient and knew that the product was working its way into my skin. Mind you prior to jumping on the Retinol train I was very keen to read as much as I could on the subject. I've have good, fuss-free skin my entire life so didn't want to provoke anything, and trigger any kind of disaster so to speak. The reviews were a landslide victory in favor of Retinol. 

Almost a week in, the peeling (mostly around my mouth at this point) had begun to slowly subside, fresh new plump skin visible. I was excited! The key to results with any product is perseverance. It takes weeks to see the results, and surely I started to see mine.

It's hard to put into words, but my face just looked fresher, with better tone and elasticity. There was a glow that previous products had failed to achieve. 

Another thing to note about Retinol is that your use of it should be gradual, consistent, and monitored. Now that I've been using the mildest version of the cream for over a year, I'm ready to graduate to a more potent version. 

Fingers crossed, I won't be seeing a botox needle for years to come :) 


Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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