A Confessional About Biker Shorts

BY Anum Bashir

The biker shorts trend, though arguably polarizing, has come and gone over the years; made prolific most notably in the 90s by icons like Princess Diana, Kate Moss, and Madonna, to name a few. Historically, it was a trend I personally had to expel by virtue of it simply didn't work for me (being hippy 'n all). Having given it an honest shot through the years, I emphatically and disappointingly had to eventually cast it aside, until now, when I finally was able to crack this sartorial challenge by figuring out some styling codes that resulted in sucess! Alas, this size 6 gal can walk around wearing biker shorts and feel great. With some of my favorite Instagram accounts, street style stars, and fashion darlings rocking the heck out of the newly minted biker shorts trend, I was keen to put together my very own mood board which could potentially facilitate a resurgence in my own personal style and wardrobe. Let's photographically investigate how I managed to hop on this particularly leggy bandwagon - from styling it with silky oversized button down shirts, to pairing it with animal print jackets, the truth about biker shorts is that they have the propensity to actually make you look leaner and chicer when styled the right way.

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