Pre-Summer Shoesday Guide

BY Anum

I've often likened shoes to flavors of ice cream - with a myriad of options to choose from, I'm always spoiled for choice. My weekly walk to our local fro-yo store, or Baskin Robbins usually results in me sampling a number of flavors, stopping and pondering before finally (albeit reluctantly) committing to a single-flavored scoop that will accompany me on my walk home. However, unlike ice cream, I'm hardly ever able to pick a single pair of shoes to consume. I often tend to buy a few pairs at a time, especially during a good sale, which I plan to ride out for the rest of the season. Back by popular demand is another Shoesday edit. You guys have repeatedly inquired about the types of shoes I would consider investing in this summer, and here you have it - a concise, not comprehensive line-up of the frontrunners under consideration. With summer undoubtedly upon us, and temperatures rising, I know many of you guys and gals are pursuing your summer wishlists in full throttle. The thing to remember is to cover wider ground - both literally and figuratively. You want to make sure the shoes you're investing in are comfortable, and can withstand a several mile walk, but also be ware not to buy too many of one particular kind (i.e. kitten heel mules). That's just my opinion because there's so much good stuff out there that can serve various purposes (think AM dressing vs. PM dressing) So mix it up, and have fun! That's the beauty of experimenting with footwear. It can never be too OTT.

New brands to watch that I'm throughly enjoying are: Neous, Emme Parsons, By Far, Kaldo, and Rejina Pyo.

Other consistent fall of famers include: Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Jacquemus, Gabriela Hearst, Prada, and the new Tabitha Simmons collaboration with Brock Collection is just mouth-watering.

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