The Style Feature: Grece Ghanem

BY Anum Bashir

Obviously Instagram is a fantastic place to find super cool people, who regularly put on display their inspirational style. I've been following several fun accounts for years now, and decided it was time to share some of my favorites on DM. We're starting our Style Feature Series with Montreal based Grece Ghanem!

AB: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

GG: My name is Grece Ghanem, and I am 52 years old. I was born in Zorzor, Liberia, lived in Lebanon, and immigrated to Canada almost 12 years ago. Now my home is Montreal.

AB: What do you do for a living?

GG: I have over 25 years of experience as a personal trainer, and a Masters degree in Microbiology.

AB: For those who don't know you, describe yourself:

GG: I would describe myself as passionate, curious, creative and a kind person. My curiosity for fashion started at home with my grandmother. I remember dressing up in her clothes and trying on her accessories and jewelry. She remains an inspiration for me till today. I hope I will also pass on my excitement and passion for fashion to my daughter and her children in the future.

AB: Share some of your style rules with us. We love how you wear clothes:

GG: Style or clothing for me is a form of Art, where I can get away with expressing myself in my truest form. It makes me happy! I believe clothing, too, helps to give us strength when we feel our worst. Yet true glamour is having an opinion, holding to your convictions, embracing yourself fully, being courageous, and rocking a pair of killer heels to top it off.

I get inspired by people on the street, photography and of course Art.

As for my personal style, I always had a penchant for elevated basics, power prints and mostly harmonious with my mood.

AB: Any outfit recipe you follow?

GG: For a look, I usually lay the foundation by starting off with one piece, whether it is an awesome shoe or a great top, then I make sure everything is quiet and subtle around it, my center piece must speak for itself.

AB: Favorite items to wear?

GG: Favorite items to wear are denim and shoes. My coup de Coeur designer has always been Celine since I was young. Celine designs have this creative energy and timeless modernity. It never fails to impress me every season. Balenciaga is currently a close second. At Balenciaga and Celine, I find myself counting all the variety of ways one could wear all these comfortable classics, not to mention all those "bigger-is-better" proportions.

AB: Any other style advice?

GG: My advice, buy the item or piece you covet, not because anyone else tells you it is the trend of the season, but because it makes you feel empowered! You won't fail. 

Images Courtesy: Grece Ghanem & The Fine Print Magazine

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