5 Girls On How They're Spending $500

BY Anum Bashir

Unless you're Meghan Markle or Kylie Jenner, it's safe to assume that life forces most of us into a rude little corner called "A BUDGET" (be it big or small). For the past year or so I've become a much more "mature" spender... or so I'd like to believe, with impulse purchases on the decline, and the pursuit to save money taking front and center stage, I'm all about fiscal planning in my 30s. That's not to say that shopping has fallen to the wayside, because in all honesty it never could given what I do, and my love for shoes... even if the ones I'm currently coveting happen to be a pair of zebra skinned mules by Manolo Blahnik that go for a cool $1200!!!! After factoring in a very generous press discount, the new Anum stops to reason through the prospective purchase; presenting both sides of the "Should I?" argument in a rather extensive monologue before hitting "proceed to purchase".

Permanently residing on the top left corner of my desktop is a yellow-hued sticky note that is my ever-changing wish list (be it a sculpture from artist Jude Jelfs that I actually ended up buying last month, or practically half of Rosie Assoulin's Resort collection which I'm still figuring out how to acquire). The point is the list is usually an aggregate of my various thought processes coming together to deliberate and decide what I am realistically able to afford that week/month/ season; something I never used to do before. I never wrote down what I wanted, and never thought through those impending purchases to garner an understanding of how much utility I would actually derive from spending that money, which often led to buyer's remorse. And with the concept of "returns" not existing in this part of the world, you can imagine my predicament.

I've also started to believe that the way we spend says a lot about us; how responsible we are, what we're planning for, certain upcoming events/milestones in our lives, hobbies, personality traits, etc. For example, after buying our first home together earlier this year, all Waqas and I are inclined to research, apart from wallpaper and lighting, is mid-century furniture we can't stop lusting after, but sadly costs a pretty penny. Did we typically do that before? Nope! Never!

But in thinking about my own spending, I also started to wonder how some cool gals I truly adore and admire spend their own hard earned cash. So I set out to ask them how/where they're spending their next $500 dollars, and their answers ran the gamut from needing to buy groceries, to planning for a luxurious summer away. Here's what I found out.

1. Leandra Medine - Founder of Man Repeller:

New mom of adorable twin girls, Leandra's response was probably the most pragmatic of the lot; catering strictly to essentials. When asked what her next $500 are going towards, she responded, "It's actually a bit dramatic to assume my groceries will run up to $500, but things like fresh vegetables, berries, yoghurt, oat milk, ezekiel toast add up. It's not exciting, but it is necessary." 

"With Laura and Madeline here now, we also hit up Amazon fancies regularly, like baby wipes, diapers, rash cream, jicama chips, and so forth." 

"Abie and I both require overpriced espresso-based coffee drinks on a regular basis, and oh yeah, there's gassing-up the tank as well on our way to my parents' home in Southhampton for the weekend!"

2. Ghizlan Guenez - Founder of The Modist:

Having spent the last few years dreaming up, planning, and steering her new business venture - a luxury e-commerce platform dedicated to high-end modest fashion, it's safe to say that Ghizlan has mastered long hours and a grueling schedule. She's never not on a plane, or planning her next big move. When asked about what she's treating herself to the powerhouse said, "My next $500 are likely to be spent as a partial payment to my new personal trainer. More recently, I'd say in the last 2 years, my life has been taken over by my new business, The Modist, and I have completely ignored my well-being, which I'm regretful over. So, I have promised myself to invest in health and to incorporate wellness into my life (again), which means I'll be more powered and energized to guide The Modist forward.  

Although, with that being said, I have to add that on any other ordinary day it would definitely be spent on beauty products and treatments! You know I have a true weakness there!"

3. Ramya Giangola - Founder of Gogoluxe:

"That's an interesting question mainly because it really makes you think about what you spent your last $500 on!!!" 

"I would say my next $500 will be going towards our family holiday in the south of France. We're staying at Colombe D’or next week, and I can't wait."

4. Natuka Karkashadze - Founder & Co-Creative Director at NDUO:

This summer I'm completely dedicated to wearing dresses as frequently as I can. Let the ease of a flowing, billowy one-piece triumph. It's also easier with managing 3 kids when we're on vacation in the countryside. Dresses have always been a wardrobe staple for me so I continue to invest in them season after season.

A few items that have been in my cart for over a week now are the DODO BAR tasseled striped cotton-gauze maxi dress, and a Ganni checked cotton-blend seersucker maxi dress. I think that's where I'll be spending my $500 budget.

Though, needless to say we've designed a gingham dress at N-DUO that is already my perfect summer companion.

5. Anum Bashir - Founder of Desert Mannequin:

If you've been reading from the top, then you know that the yellow-hued sticky note will play a rather active role in deciphering where I'm spending a portion of my summer budget. With $500 in my pocket, I think it's rather safe to assume that it'll either go towards a few select Rosie Assoulin pieces, or seeing as it's Waqas' birthday next week, I should probably be a good wife and start thinking about a gift already.

There you have it, 5 girls on how they're spending their money. 

What are you spending your next $500 on?

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