The Internet Is Filled With Brain Food.

BY Anum Bashir

The world wide web is abundant with content of all sorts. Well, durrrrr! Tell us something we don't know. More often than not, you can find me spread out on my couch, mindlessly Googling my thoughts... from whether or not I'd be eligible to enter a whistling content, to why people crave ice-cream. Today I'm actually compiling a bunch of photos and works by revered artists that provide chock-full of inspiration - or anti-oxidants for the mind, if you will. These are images I've been collecting for a while, and I'll frequently browse through them when overcome with a profound feeling of dullness; like I'm not hitting the digital content sweet-spot. It is known that images often succeed where words fail. I'm not the best writer, but I know how I feel when I see a photo that instils all kinds of new-found energy, and a willingness to peel myself off that very couch and get to it - "it" being work, and "work" being everything I do to propel Desert Mannequin, like discovering a new/ interesting brand via social media, or even interviewing an industry professional that's kicking life's ass. Yes, believe it or not a picture of a timeless painting can help me overcome inertia, because if all these people out there can be great at what they set out to do, why can't I? Here are the images in rotation at the moment, and I'm reinvigorated.

Works by:
Samia Halaby
Sophie Calle
Juergen Teller
Stephen Shore
Etel Adnan
Luc Tuymans
Cy Twombly
Dia Azzawi
William Eggleston
Kevin McNamee
Article Image Credit: Sophie Calle

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