Locker Room Talk

BY Anum Bashir

So you’d have to be living under a rock to not know what’s been transpiring over in the United States with this whole election thing. Donald Trump is a pig, and I thought I'd shed a little more light on the matter.

An incriminating video surfaced several days ago, putting on display for all of us to see, Donald Trump’s piggish ways. The man has truly dug his own grave (with regards to his political career anyway), and now insists that it was all just “locker room talk”. He’s apologized, and we should all just move the heck on, Trump suggests.

But here are my thoughts: Is Donald Trump giving locker room chit chat a bad rep? What do people actually talk about in locker rooms these days? 

I personally haven’t been in one for a long long time, but ironically enough, after moving to Dubai, the hotel we’re currently staying at has a locker room for people to store their belongings and suitcases in situated right off of the lobby. It’s a fun a quirky place that I thought would make for a great place to do a funny and relevant impromptu shoot in, until I started overhearing the conversations that were taking place around me, and oddly enough lock room talk is quite PG these days folks. 

Here’s what it looked like, and these were the conversations taking place apart from the one Waqas and I were having, discussing how we’re liking our eggs lately.

Amongst other conversations we overheard were two little kids comparing their beach towels, a couple reflecting on a good morning swim, a girl chatting to a friend on what to do later today, and many more exchanges that didn’t involve plans to grope another individual’s genitals. So no, I guess it wasn’t exactly locker room talk, but more like two men acting like pigs.

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