Being Our Best Selves

BY Anum Bashir

In Partnership with Nova Clinic

There's something to be said about ushering in a new decade. It seemingly renews us on a variety of fronts, be it physical, mental, emotional, personal, and/ or professional. Ringing in a new year alone imbues such a sense of accomplishment, let alone a whole new decade. The excitement, plans, and hope are that much more amplified. 

As a child, the thought of the year 2020 seemed so well into the future; with the possibility of cars flying in the sky, the world actually manifesting some of our sci-fi fantasies, and dare I say, people going bionic. Ok, I'm kidding. Maybe humans haven't quite turned into cyborgs, and the cars are still very much firmly planted on the ground, but here we are, in 2020, and we've come a long way in terms of our relationship with ourselves, and the world at large. I for one have entered this new decade with a hell of a lot of gusto, and in chatting with Waqas, we collectively concluded that self-care would be at the top of our lists in 2020. 

I started therapy a year ago, and it has been nothing short of formative, and healing; a much needed antidote to many of my emotional wounds. With my mental health back on track, I have now turned to the physical stuff I'd like to address. 

Waqas and I at the tail-end of our early 30s, we're well aware that no one's getting any younger. We'd obviously prefer to preserve our youthful selves for years to come. That's when the generous and innovative folks over at Nova Clinic reached out. We laid out individual plans for both Waqas and I in terms of our needs and expectations, and got to cracking.

While to some men, the thought of losing hair is simply an acceptable and natural component of aging, Waqas personally is mortified at the thought of losing his hair. He comes from a long line of bald men, and even the thought of it turns the poor guy into quite the sourpuss. That's when we sat down with Dr. Tim at Nova to discuss the treatment known as PRP - which some of you may call the Vampire Facial, and first made famous by Kim Kardashian. Turns out, it's not just for your face. In fact you can do it anywhere, including your scalp, and each successive treatment is supposed to help you inch closer towards a more healthy scalp, and even aid with hair regrowth. Waqas was all in. Two sessions in, he's quite liked the treatment (needles aside), and is waiting patiently to see the results kick in. It's important to disclose that using organic, chemical-free hair products is crucial. Never sleep with styling product in your hair, and dedicate weekends to oiling your scalp with an herbal or coconut oil of your choice. Maintenance and consistency are key according to Dr. Tim. Waqas has noticed healthier hair since his last treatment, but hopefully in time with a couple more sessions under his follicles and in between in locks, we can start to curb hair fall too.

As for me, I've always had a relationship of annoyance with my tummy fat. I'm not really overweight per se, and I do try to eat healthy, but rarely hit the gym. Even at my skinniest, the muffin top prevailed.

Anyhoo, I sat down with the lovely therapists at Nova to put on full display for them my midriff jiggle. They instantly advised on Cool Sculpting - a treatment I had heard a lot about, but knew nothing of. But what is Cool Sculpting you ask? Well, it’s technical name is Cryolipolysis, which is just a science-y way to say fat freezing. Their experts have spent years developing the treatment, which features one-of-a-kind technology that quite literally freezes and kills fat cells at a targeted location, resulting in a slimmer more toned appearance. Admittedly I was excited and ready to give it a try. 

A week later I was in for the treatment, hopped on the bed, got prepped and had that massive applicator plonked onto my jelly belly. At first the sensation was admittedly quite weird (for the lack of a better word), and also in fact painful at some points, like someone was pinching the hell out of me. I wasn't sure if I had the stamina to continue, but my lovely therapist Jess told me to hang tight for just 5 minutes, after which I'd be good to go, and the pain would surely subside. Luckily I had Netflix at my disposal. With season 1 of The Crown playing, I was set! The session flew by. I could feel those stubborn fatty cell suckers freezing away. A little over 40 minutes later, I WAS DONE! Jess massaged the treatment area which was quite red and frozen, to ensure that circulation was good and that she could continue to facilitate the breakdown of unwanted fat cells. I was asked to return 2 months later for a follow-up session.

The thing with cool sculpting is, it does take time. Patience and a healthy lifestyle are both key. I'm 6 months into my treatments and from what I've been told my waistline is down by just under an inch and a half which is GREAT! My torso does in fact feel flatter, and my jeans fit better!

Nova is a place I'll continue to visit because of the rapport I've built with the wonderful team. Their facials are also great. I happen to frequent the Hydra-facial which does wonders for my skin. There you have it, our work in progress. Thank you Nova!

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